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LS2000E IP address not showing up when using IP tool

If the IP address for your LS2000E is not showing up using the IP tool, get the IP address for that printer. You can do this by unplugging the printer and plugging it back in while holding the "Feed" button on the printer. The printer should print out some information including the IP address and gateway the printer currently is set as. First you can attempt to ping the device using the IP address the device is set to. If you are unable to ping the device, the device most likely is on a different Default Gateway than your computer. Using Command Prompt or Terminal, run a IPCONFIG command to get your PC's IP address and Default Gateway address. From there you will want to change your Default Gateway to the one the printer is on.

If your operating system of choice is Windows, simply head to the Control Panel, change the category to 'View Large Icons' and select the Network and Sharing Center. Depending on the version, click the Change adapter options or Change adapter settings. Next, locate the network you would like to find the default gateway for. When you spot it, double-click on it and choose "Properties" from the pop up. There, you'll be able to double click on IPv4 to update the IP address and Default Gateway. You can change the IP address to one within the same gateway range as the printer. Leave the Subnet Mask as default ( and change the Default Gateway to match the one the printer is on. You may be disconnected from the internet, but you should now be able to use the IP Tool to locate the printer and update its IP address. Next, go back to Internet Protocol Version 4 Properties and switch it back to "Obtain IP address automatically." You can now attempt to locate and ping the device as normal.

The process is even simpler for MacOS users: go to System Preferences and select Network, followed by the name of the network you're using. The IP address will be displayed in the TCP/IP tab as a series of numbers under 'Router'.  To change it you can "Set Service Order" of the network interfaces and effectively change the default route order in the routing table.

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