can the LR1100 print company logo's?

yes the printer can include logos in the tickets, in order to do that they are couple steps that you have to follow
1. first make sure that you install the correct driver for your printers
2. upload the logo Or logos into the printer using the configuration utility
3. Define how to use the printer is connected.

4. Click "add" to add logo and then download to set the logo to the printer.

     Please Note: The logo must be saved as a .bmp file and should be kb in size.

       If successful printer will beep.

5. Go to Printer Properties and select one the the "Print NVLogo..." options depending on where you want the logo to appear and set to "NVLogo 1"

these steps are valid if you POS communicate with the printer thru drivers, but if the communication is straight from commands you need to use the appropriate commands to do it.
I am including in this email, driver, utility and programming manual for each case. Please remember if the communication is thru driver you only need the steps 1 to 3 but if the communication is thru commands you need to use the programming manual.
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