Hardware Installation


    Preparation before use

 Battery Installation  

    1. As shown in the picture, put battery into the battery compartment.  

    2. Press the battery down until it is locked into the battery compartment.


Paper Roll Installation


1. Pull up the cover level or press on both sides of cover to open it.                                             
2. As shown in picture, place the paper roll in the printer.  Note the correct  direction of paper, otherwise the printer will not work properly. 
3. As shown in picture, pull out a length of paper extending it out of the paper roll compartment. 
4. Make sure that the paper roll is properly aligned and close the cover.

     Printer Communication Interface 

(1) USB Interface 

1. Connect printer to the computer with USB cable and turn on the printer. 

2. Install the USB driver. The driver will create a virtual serial port. 

3. Invoke "Device Manager" and check under "Ports (COM & LPT)" for the COM port number assigned. 

4. Set up POS software or utility software to the assigned COM port to communicate with the printer. 

(2) Wi-Fi Interface Setup 

1. Connect printer to computer via USB port and install USB virtual serial port driver. 

2. Run the “LR200M_ConfigurationTool” utility software. 

3. Select "Wifi" tab and Input the SSID name of wireless router in SSID field. 

4. Choose the encryption type of wireless route based on the router you are using. If you choose the router encryption type is “WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK”, and authentication type is “automate”, then select WPA2-PSK or WPA2-PSK and enter the PSK key to match the router settings. 

5. If the encryption type for router is “WEP”, select WEP and enter the WEP key to match the router settings. 

6. Enter the desired IP address according to allocation from your network administrator. 

7. After entering all WiFi parameters, under "Port" section, select "COM Port" option and then change the COM port number to match with the assigned port in virtual serial driver. Configure the default baud rate of printer as “9600” and then click "Set" to apply the WiFi settings.

(3) Bluetooth Interface 

1. Print a self-test page and turn on power of printer. 

2. In host device, search for the external bluetooth device to pair. 

3. If there is more than one bluetooth device found, select the printer device corresponding to EDR NAME (for Windows and Android) or BLE NAME (for iPad/iPhone) shown on the self-test page. 

4. For EDR, Input password “0000” and finish the pairing. 


1. Please refer to host device bluetooth function description for detail operations of bluetooth device paring. 

2. During pairing, LR200M portable mini printer must be powered on. 

3. After pairing successfully, other host device can still be paired with the printer. Each printer can be paired with 8 host devices maximum. If the printer is paired with more than eight host devices, the first paired host information will be deleted automatically. If this host need to work with the printer, it has to be paired again. 

4. For the host device with bluetooth virtual serial ports (such as smart phones, tablets, laptops, etc), after successful pairing, data can be sent through the bluetooth virtual serial port to the LR200M for printing. If the host device does not have bluetooth virtual serial port, please consult the host device supplier.

For more information please visit: http://bematechus.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/LR200M-User-Manual-v1.0-1.pdf

Drivers and Utilities