• Component Placement
    The following is recommended when you plan the LS8000 system setup:
    • Place the LS8000 so that you can use the mounting brackets located at the bottom of the unit.
    • Place the LS8000 so that the RESET button is accessible.
    • Place the LS8000 so that the beeps from the speakers can be heard.
    • Place the LS8000 so that the LED indicator on the front panel can be seen.
    • Place the LS8000 above grill/counter level, out of the way of possible spills.
  • Connections
    Make sure that all systems are powered off before making or removing any connections to the LS8000 unit. Follow the steps below in connecting the devices:
    • Connect the VGA cable of the display monitor to the LS8000.
    • Connect the RS232 cable of serial devices to the LS8000.
    • Connect the USB or RJRJ cable of bump bar or keyboard device to the LS8000.
    • Connect the Ethernet cable from Ethernet hub or switch to the LS8000.
    • Connect power to all peripheral devices and turn on power.
    • Connect power adapter to the LS8000 and power cord to the power adapter.
    • Plug the power cord into AC power outlet.
    • If necessary, reset the LS8000 by pressing the reset button.


The LS8000 KDS station communicates with POS stations or KDS router through Ethernet connection The POS or KDS software would most likely work with the KDS station with static IP. To set up static IP for LS8000, follow steps below.

  1. Click on Apps icon.
  2. Click on "Settings" app.
  3. Under "WIRELSS & NETWORKS", click "More..."
  4. Click "Ethernet" and then click "Static IP Settings"
  5. Click "Use Static IP". The check box should be checked.
  6. Click "IP address", "Gateway" and "Netmask" correspondingly to set up the parameters according to requirements of network. Make sure that the IP address matches the setup in the POS or KDS software.


For more information on the LS8000 KDS controller, go to: LS8000 User Manual