1. Mount the pole display to the metal base plate using the mounting hardware provided.
  2. The pole display can be used in a freestanding mode or attached to the counter using the remaining mounting hardware.
  3. Install USB driver first as described in “DRIVER INSTALLTION” section.
  4. Plug the USB cable from the pole display into the computer’s USB port.


The Windows XP/Vista USB drivers are available on our web site at www.bematechus.com. Please download and unzip the driver files before installation. There are two types of driver interface available. If the POS software is only able to access COM ports for the pole display, use the Virtual COM port interface. After the driver is installed, the USB interface will be assigned a COM port name so that the POS software will be able to communicate with the USB display as a COM port. Note that the operating system will assign the display a different COM port number if the display is plugged into a different USB port. Another driver interface use a specific device name (\\.\LCLD1) to access the pole display directly. Install this driver if you are using OPOS or the POS software was tailored to use this device name.

  1. DO NOT plug the device in USB port.
  2. Run “install.bat” batch program in this driver package.
  3. Plug the device in USB port and wait for the hardware wizard message box to display.
  4. Click <Next> button to continue installation automatically. When finished, click <Finish> button to end installation.
  5. Invoke Device Manager to check COM port number or the device driver's name. The driver is installed under "Ports (COM & LPT)"
  6. To change the assigned COM port number, double click "LCI Line Display (\\.\LCLD1\) (COMx)" to display the Properties dialog box and select <Port Settings> tab. Then click <Advanced...> button.
  7. Click on COM port number box to select from the list of unused port number and click <OK> to accept new settings
  8. Unplug the display from the USB port for a few seconds and then plug the device back into the USB port. Device Manager should show the changed port number. Check operation with the new COM port number.


For more information on the complete user manual, go to: Line Display User Manual