To check if Your USB Pole Display is Installed Correctly:

  1. Click on start or window button on the bottom left of windows.
  2. Right click on computer and click properties.
  3. On the left hand side there will be device manger that you will click  on.
  4. You want to look for ports and expand that tab.
  5. If your pole display is installed correctly you will see LCI Line Display (\.LCPD3) (COM1)
  6. The COM port will tell you what to use in your POS software to make your software and pole display communicate.  

*Note: (\.LCPD3) and (COM1) may be different on your computer  depending on what specific pole display you have and what com ports are  available.

Please contact customer service at 516-248-0400 or email if you need  assistance.