Use this link to fix issue and follow steps 

1. Utilities:


        - Download command set file to display.


        - Set baud rate for serial port, enable/disable PASS-THRU feature.


        - Select command set in LCIGP (LCI command set group).

        - LCIGP command group include the following command sets:

             LCI. ( if you never made any changes, LCI is the default setting)








2. Command set files:

   LCIGP_xxx.c9f - Logic Controls command group

   EMAX_xxx.c9f - Emax command, version V1.28

   Firich_xxx.c9f - Firich command

   IEE_xxx.c9f - Iee command

   PTC_xxx.c9f - PartnerTech CD7220/5220 command

3. The utility file, and firmware files <*.c9f> must be in the same folder.

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