KitchenGo Premium Latest Update ver

 Update from KitchenGo Premium Software 

  1. Go to the Top of the screen , three dots

  2. About

  3. Check new version

This will allow you to update the app to the latest version ( please do this for KitchenGO Router and KitchenGo Premium)


Download App

  1. Copy the following link into the browser  (LS8900)

  2. Install apps

  3. Follow prompts

  4. Same steps for Router and Premiun


Download App in Flash drive



  1. Click links

  2. Download

  3. Save in Flashdrive

  4. Plug in Flash drive on LS8900

  5. Open Explorer ( allows to check files in your LS8900)

  6. USB

  7. Look where File was save

  8. Download




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