• Double click on this link below. You will see it download to lower left of your desktop monitor.
    Displays: http://bematechus.com/Logic_FTP/techsupport/DnLoadCSF_Utility.zip
  • Open and extract this zip folder and click on “DNLOAD.CSF > Again, click on DNLOAD.CSF.exe on top of list and click on “Run” > > Port name of the pole should be there as \\.\LCPD3\ or \\.\LCLD9\ or if using 9 pin serial, as your com port # listed under ports in device manager.
  • Under “select one Command Set” choose LCIGP from drop down menu list and click on “Start Download”… The pole readout should be a Logic Controls Downloading Code message during this download sequence.
  • After this completes the pole should read LCI V1.39 for about 10 seconds, then change to a small cursor on the left side.. Display should start working again using com port # with the POS software.