Hardware Installation

  1.         Remove the MSR mount cover from the monitor.


    2. Insert MSR module. Make sure reader has been properly connect to the monitor USB port then use the 2 screws to fix the MSR.


LCD Rear Display installation (optional peripheral)


    1. Use USB cable to connect the second display and install VESA bracket set to the LCD display with M4 screws (x4).



2. Remove the display mount cover from monitor.


3. Mount the LCD display assembly to the touch monitor and secure with screws. Plug USB cable into monitor USB port.


        SATA Hard Disk Installation

            1. Remove the HDD mount cover from the back of monitor.


            2. Install anti-shock rubbers to both sides of the SATA HDD. Plug SATA cable and power cable into SATA HDD connectors.



3. Insert the SATA HDD assembly to the monitor and reinstall HDD mount cover. Secure cover with the coin slot screw.


Driver Installation:


    For resistive touch version of SB1015W, follow the driver installation and calibration steps below. For PCAP touch version, no driver installation and calibration is required.

1. Navigate to the installer directory to find the setup.exe file. Double-click on “setup.exe” to start installation.

2. When installation starts, click [Next] to proceed to the next step.


3. Installation in progress


4. Uncheck “Install PS/2 interface driver” and click [Next] to continue installation


5. Uncheck "install RS232 interface driver" and click [Next] to continue installation.


6. Select option "NONE", click [NEXT] to continue installation.


7. If there are additional touch monitors connected, please check "Support multi-monitor system".


8. Select the destination location to install the touch driver. The default path is "C:\Program Files\eGalaxtouch". Click[Next] to continue installation.


9. Select the Program Folder to install the utility. The default is "eGalaxtouch". Click[Next] to continue installation.


10. Check the option to create a desktop shortcut icon. Click[Next] to continue.


After install the driver successfully, identify the USB controller is installed as shown below.


11. Click on "Settings" tab to change the touch function settings as needed.


 12. Perform touch calibration if necessary and use Draw Test to check touch accuracy after calibration.




For more information please visit: http://bematechus.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/11/SB1015W-User-Manual-v1.1.pdf

Drivers and Utilities